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Motorcycle Accident

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Fighting For Motorcycle Accident Victims in Tampa, St. Petersburg, & Clearwater

While any vehicular accident can wreak havoc on the unfortunate victims, motorcycle accidents are often particularly serious, and in many cases, they result in catastrophic injuries or death. Moreover, those who are fortunate to survive these devastating crashes almost always encounter significant medical expenses. With Tampa’s year-round warm weather, riding a motorcycle is an optimal, cost-effective way to get around.

Unfortunately, the fact that so many automobile drivers are careless about sharing the road with bikers means that motorcycle crashes are on the rise. Our firm has experience with helping clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries or a loved one’s wrongful death as a result of a motorcycle accident. At The Yerrid Law Firm, P.A., we are dedicated to helping our clients protect their rights and obtain the compensation needed after facing extremely high medical bills, extensive lost time from work, and any non-economic damages, including emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Florida has one of the highest recorded numbers of registered motorcyclists in the entire country, but the unfortunate fact is that it also has one of the highest recorded occurrences of motorcycle-related fatalities. While some of these accidents occur on account of a mistake in judgment made by motorcyclists, it is far more likely that a careless or distracted automobile driver will veer into a biker. Tragically, the motorcyclist tends to be the most likely one to be seriously injured or killed since a car has so much more force and impact.

Despite the fact that automobile drivers are often at fault, motorcyclists are not always looked upon favorably, due to unfair stereotypes often promoted by media and television. It is critical to have knowledgeable attorneys who can rigorously pursue your claim and demonstrate the pain and suffering you have endured on account of another driver’s negligence.

Identifying Causes of Motorcycle Accidents Nationwide

There are many reasons that motorcyclists may suffer an accident on the road. Our experienced lawyers can consult with witnesses and law enforcement to determine the reasons why automobile drivers could be at fault for your situation.

Some of the common reasons that motorcyclists are injured in accidents include cases where automobile drivers are:

  • Distracted by mobile devices
  • Negligent in checking their blind spots
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Aggressive, threatening, or reckless
  • Violating the laws of traffic, whether disregarding lane change rules, speed limits, or signs to yield
  • Racing another driver
  • Natural or manmade hazards on the road, from wild animals to potholes

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Ensuring Accountability for Negligent Drivers in Florida

Many automobile drivers are not aware that in the state of Florida, motorcyclists are permitted to use the entirety of a lane, and they can also drive side-by-side, just like any car. This means that any other kind of motorized vehicle crowding motorcyclists from using the entire lane is breaking traffic laws, in addition to creating a dangerous situation for all parties.

Our experienced Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys can examine whether the other driver or drivers were following the rules and pinpoint the manner that they were negligent.

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