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Patients who are wrongly injured by physicians or hospitals have a right under Florida law to sue for damages. Unfortunately, however, this task is not clear or simple for victims and their families to undertake without well qualified and experienced lawyers. Medical malpractice cases in the state of Florida are exceedingly difficult and require the full participation of medical and nurse experts who are willing to testify a health care provider deviated from the standard of care.

To proceed with a claim, technical statutory requirements must be met, including giving the provider notice of the intention to bring a medical negligence claim, with an affidavit from a medical expert affirming their belief that negligence occurred and that negligence caused a substantial injury. Here at The Yerrid Law Firm, we have a team of extremely skilled and experienced medical malpractice attorneys who are ready to fight and pursue justice for those who have been wrongly injured or killed due to the negligence of medical professionals or hospitals.

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Factors Considered for Awarding Medical Malpractice Compensation

One of the questions at the forefront of the minds of victims and their families is just how much compensation they will receive following a terrible incident of medical malpractice. While it is impossible to predict exactly how much you can obtain without a detailed evaluation of your unique case, there are several components that are often considered when determining the extent of your suit’s compensation.

Some of the elements commonly taken into account include:

  • The type of injury a victim has suffered
  • The level of severity of the victim’s injury
  • The pain and suffering, physical and mental, that the victim has endured
  • Costs of current and future medications, surgery, treatments, and rehabilitative care and therapy
  • Any lost salary or earnings, both currently and in the future

Stipulations for Filing Medical Negligence Claims

Any negligence claim must be filed within that claim’s statute of limitations, usually two years from the time of the incident.

This is why it is so important to take action in obtaining the service of our knowledgeable attorneys so that you will not be short-changed by an untimely cutoff.

Another critical stipulation to be aware of is that if the medical negligence case involves wrongful death, claims can usually only be brought by a surviving spouse, a parent of a minor child, or a minor child who lost a parent. Your experienced attorneys can provide more information regarding medical malpractice in Florida.

Changing Restrictions of Medical Negligence Caps

There is an ongoing battle in Florida over caps on damages in medical negligence cases. The Supreme Court issued a pair of decisions declaring caps on certain cases unconstitutional. It remains unclear whether other caps will be upheld. In these uncertain circumstances, it is more important than ever to seek support from our dedicated Tampa medical malpractice attorneys to achieve the most optimal solution for your case.

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Settlements & Verdicts

  • $330,000,000 Car Crash/Defective Product

    A drunk driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the side of the van killing a 13-year-old due to a seat belt product defect.

  • $216,800,000 Medical Malpractice

    Failure to diagnose cerebellar stroke patient presenting to an emergency department and unlicensed practice of medicine causing incomplete quadriplegic.

  • $64,500,000 Workplace Accident/Premises Liability - Contractor

    Worker installing prefabricated modular building suffered crushed pelvis and internal injuries due to contractor failure to prepare construction site.

  • $30,700,000 Insurance Bad Faith

    The insurer failed to timely settle an uninsured motorist claim that resulted in jury verdict of $30,700,000.

  • $15,252,742 Auto Accident

    Vehicle operated by defendant was traveling at a high rate of speed while under the influence, struck a curb, and traveled into the lanes of Plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered severe bodily injuries.

  • $15,000,000 Auto-Trucking Crash/Wrongful Death

    Husband and father of four killed when a locomotive frame came off the transport trailer and crashed into his vehicle resulting in immediate death.

  • $13,100,000 Auto-Trucking Crash/Wrongful Death

    Husband and father of four killed when a locomotive frame came off the transport trailer and crashed into his vehicle resulting in immediate death.

  • $8,000,000 Civil Engineering Malpractice

    Civil engineer failed to identify wetlands on plans causing construction to cease.